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  • Scoring

    Instead of the typical lives in traditional shooters, the player is given a pool of life points (initially 3). The player loses 1 point if they are hit by a bullet, or 1/2 point if they collide with an enemy or are hit by a non-bullet attack. The game ends when the player has no more life points. Life points can be restored by items, and the maximum life point is increased when reaching certain scores (default 20 and 45 million points).

  • When an enemy is destroyed, it fires a yellow "counter bullet" that is smaller than the regular bullet fired from an enemy. If the player's familiar is hit by a "counter bullet", the player's item counter is increased, which leads to an increased score. Stage bosses do not fire counter bullets.

  • Familiar

    Each player has an accompanying familiar, which can fire its own shots and chooses targets in an auto-lock shot. It can also block enemy bullets. Its movement is opposite to the player's.

  • Items

    Jewelry gives points. "Life Up" items recover life points. Magic provides 1 bomb.

  • Item Counter System

    When the player obtains an item, or when the familiar touches a counter bullet, the item counter is incremented (maximum 1000).

  • When the item counter is full, pressing the A and B buttons simultaneously causes both player and familiar to fire more powerful shots than normal, while the item counter begins to decreases. The player does not lose life points for colliding with enemies in this state. The enemies drop more items when destroyed by the powerful shots. The power-up effect finishes when the item counter reaches 0 or if the player is hit by a bullet.


Stages are arranged in a chapter and scene format with 3 chapters and 2 scenes per chapter for the first 6 stages.The player can choose the order of stages by arranging the A, B, C at the start of the game.

The stage order within A, B, C cannot be changed. When choosing a stage, the player can choose difficulty levels between 1 to 3 (or 999 in MBL).

After completing 6 stages (Chapter 3. Scene 2), the final stage (Chapter 4) begins, which is organized in 2 parts. The player can choose to play an extra stage if certain conditions are met at the end of Chapter 3, Scene 2.

  • Deathsmiles Screen 1
  • Deathsmiles Screen 2
  • Deathsmiles Screen 3
  • Deathsmiles Screen 4
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  • Windia


    The main character and the newest member of Gilverado's Angels. She was raised in a happy family in England, but she was kidnapped. In a flash of light, she was spirited away to Gilverado, where Count Dior took her in and taught her wind magic.

  • Casper


    The youngest and most violent of the team, Casper is a German child who does not remember how she got to Gilverado, to the point that Gilverado is more her home than the real world. She fights with the power of Death.

  • Follett


    Hailing from France, Follett was drowning in an icy river when she ended up in Gilverado. Still freezing from the cold, her physical and emotional stress manifested into fire magic, burning down an entire forest. She still retains the power of fire, and uses it as a force of good.

  • Rosa


    The oldest and designated leader. Rosa came from California, USA. Her parents were owners of a bar there. She was spirited away to Gilverado when a car crash almost killed her. The first to meet Count Dior, it took her a long time to cope with her loneliness. She now leads the remaining children who make up Count Dior's new family, fighting with powerful Spirit Magic.

  • Sakura


    Originally a boss, she is Jitterbug's daughter. Coming to Gilverado, dark power manifested in her like her father. Unlike the heroes of the story, Sakura was stigmatized as a witch. She fights to protect her mother.

Release Date
March 10, 2016
1-2 players (local co-op)
CAVE Co., Ltd.