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  • Mushihimesama is set in a beautiful fantasy world populated by giant bugs called “Koju”. During her journey, Reco will explore lush forests, blazing deserts, serene caves, and finally reach the heart of Shinju forest.

  • Reco sets off from Hoshifuri village with her faithful companion, Kiniro. However, they encounter an aggressive giant Stag Koju right away! Fight on, Reco!

  • Reco arrives at a blazing desert. Koju husks litter the landscape, along with the amber-rich Nana plants. Braving the hostile scorpion Koju inhabiting the area, Reco continues her journey.

  • Reco is trapped in a volcanic crater with an enormous Koju! As she battles the titanic beast across the entire area, she’ll need to avoid the flying Koju that swarm out from its carapace.

  • Reco discovers a tunnel shortcut to the center of the forest. She is amazed by the illuminated cave walls, which remind her of the falling stars in the sky above her home village. Huge dragonfly Koju curl through the cavern and block the way.

  • Reco has almost reached the heart of the forest, where the god of the Koju is said to reside. As she battles Koju and giant pitcher plants up the winding branches, who will she find at the end of her journey?


Mushihimesama is a vertical shooter in the “bullet hell” subgenre. Sometimes featuring thousands of bullets on screen at a time, Mushihimesama is designed to create thrilling close calls where the player uses a small hitbox to narrowly escape through the gaps in the dense shot curtains.

Mushihimesama has four modes: Normal, Novice, Arrange, and V1.5. Normal closely replicates the original arcade version, while Arrange and V1.5 are remixed versions of the original game with alternate soundtracks, mechanics, and shot patterns.

  • Mushi Screen 1
  • Mushi Screen 2
  • Mushi Screen 3
  • Mushi Screen 4
  • Mushi Screen 5


  • Reco


    Reco is a cheerful princess who resides in the village of Hoshifuri. With a bright and curious nature, Reco tends to act without thinking, causing a fair bit of trouble for those around her. As a child, she had wandered into Shinju Forest to play with the Koju and gotten lost. Although she doesn’t remember much from this time, she remembered meeting a boy in the forest who gave her a beautiful stone bracelet to protect her from the Koju.

  • Kiniro


    The golden Rhinoceros Beetle Kiniro is Reco’s trusted friend and ally. Tasked with safely carrying the "sacrifice" to the god of the Koju, Kiniro’s mission goes abruptly off track when Reco decides to fight instead. Thanks to Reco's bracelet, Kiniro can connect to Reco’s life force and communicate with her. Relatively well-behaved and quiet, Kiniro has no mercy when his life is in danger. Particularly unfriendly towards Stag Beetle Koju, Kiniro is quick to start a fight.

  • Aki


    Aki is a young man who once lived in Hoshifuri Village. Now, as the "King of the Koju", he is charged with keeping the forest Koju from wandering into the village. Aki is a relaxed and quiet boy who likes taking walks.

  • Koju


    Giant arthropods with hard shells that thrive in the forests and deserts of the world. Humans call them Koju: "Ko" for their carapace and "ju" for beast.

  • Normal
  • Matsuri Mode
Release Date
November 5th, 2015
1-2 players (local co-op)
Developer and sales
CAVE Interactive CO.,LTD.